A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Village Trader is a short PC game about trading items with the villagers of a small town. Talk to the villagers, negotiate with them, give them stuff and see how they react!

Project made in one week with the Fungus open-source library for Unity, as a class project for the Unity programming course at CIFO L'Hospistalet. Check the second screenshot or the in-game credits section for a complete list of credits.


VillageTrader_Windows.zip 23 MB
VillageTrader_Linux.zip 25 MB


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Juego entretenido y gráficos retro  impresionantes, gran trabajo!!

¡Muchas gracias! :)

This is such an amazing little game! Very cute. The idea is very smart and the retro style is very appealing. I would love to see an expansion of this!

Thank you! <3 I have a few projects I want to finish first, but perhaps in the future... who knows?