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Oh, no! The evil chickens have taken all of the fish! Go, brave penguin, go! Use your magic to fight against evil and restore the peace fish!

This is a short 3D action platformer with a voxel aesthetic, where you play as a penguin and can use three kinds of magic (fire, ice and thunder). Gather the magic books scattered across the map to recharge your magic power, and find the three keys so you can reach the final boss, the Giant Chicken, and beat it. You only have ten minutes to do it, so there's no time to waste!

(also, you might want to set some trees on fire, just because)

This is a prototype made in three weeks as a class project for the Unity programming course at CIFO L'Hospistalet, so don't expect a really polished gameplay experience, but I'm proud enough of it to share it! Made in Unity 2019.

All assets, except for some textures, are free to use assets or taken from the Unity Asset Store. Check the second screenshot or the in-game credits section for a complete list of credits.


  • WASD for moving
  • space for jumping
  • 1-2-3 keys or scrollwheel for changing the currently equipped spell
  • crl for attacking
  • esc for pause menu

Available platforms

I'm only uploading a Windows version because the Linux executable doesn't seem to run very well (probably because the game isn't optimised at all haha), but if you're interested in it, contact me!

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Tags3D, action-platformer, Chicken, Dark Humor, Magic, penguin, Prototype, Short, Voxel


MagicPenguinvsGiantChickenWindows.zip 35 MB


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This game is so much fun! Very unique style and interesting mechanics. Looking forward to seeing more Pingudroid productions ;D!

Thank you very much! Hehe, definitely! ;)

As usual, an unique game with your personal touch. I hope to see your future games :)

Thank you! :D

Un juego muy divertido y original, enhorabuena!!

Gracias! :D

I agree, so FUN!

Thanks! :)

very fun game!

<3 thanks!